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An Apple A Day  is not only a podcast but also a resource and a community. It's a place to share experiences and learn from others as we overcome barriers and learn to live a happy, and healthy life, NOT AS DISABLED PEOPLE BUT AS PEOPLE WITH A DISABILITY! Welcome to the community!

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Dec 31, 2022

To: You and Your Family!

From: Me and My Family and the Family here at An Apple A Day!

Best Wishes For A Happy, Healthy, And Prosperous New Year!!

In this episode, we say Hello to 2023 and bid a Farewell to 2022 as we also discuss resolutions!

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Dec 20, 2022

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Or, is Santa Claus just a fantasy we let our children believe in? Is Santa Claus Real or is it all just Bah-Hum Bug, to you? Take five minutes and listen to this episode of An Apple Fritter and let me know what you think afterwards!


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Dec 19, 2022

In This episode, Jimmy discusses Talk Therapy, aka Psychotherapy.

Talk therapy, which is also known as psychotherapy, is what mental health professionals use to communicate with their patients. The purpose of talk therapy is to help people identify issues that cause emotional distress.

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Dec 16, 2022

In this episode, Jimmy discusses Reflexology. It is based on the idea that certain parts of your foot are linked with different parts of your body.It claims to help a host of medical issues, from sinus pressure to labor pains. Do you believe it can? Is Reflexology real? Can it cause a pregnant woman to go into...

Dec 15, 2022

In this episode, Jimmy discusses Acupressure, a safe and gentle alternative therapy used to relieve symptoms from many common disorders.

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