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An Apple A Day  is not only a podcast but also a resource and a community. It's a place to share experiences and learn from others as we overcome barriers and learn to live a happy, and healthy life, NOT AS DISABLED PEOPLE BUT AS PEOPLE WITH A DISABILITY! Welcome to the community!

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Apr 25, 2019

This is the 100th Episode of An Apple A Day!!!

Are You a coffee drinker? Find out who's coffee is better: Dunkin Donuts - Starbucks  or Seattle's Best? ...Are you the father? Ask Maury and embarrass  your family?...Transvestites from Mars on the Springer show?...Have some pride...don't be a slob....This episode is a...

Apr 19, 2019

Which is better for you, Smoking Pot or Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee? The answer to this may shock you and then again it may not...Can Smoking Pot cause Heart Disease? Does Drinking Coffee cause Cancer?...Plus News from Medicare! This is a must listen episode!

Apr 12, 2019

Do people try to hold you back because of a disability? Are you unsure of yourself in public? Are you afraid to enjoy yourself because someone might think you are faking a disability? Are you afraid to be happy? You must listen to this episode!...Do you have a bucket list? Do you know everyone should have one?...You...

Apr 5, 2019

What would you say if I told you that a fast food burger would kill you? What would you say if I told you it is health food?...Do you believe music can save your mortal soul? How about relieve your pain?...We also have a new report from Social Security and ...Is Kleptomania a disease or a crime?